RSA Network Event in Manchester (UK) – 23/24 October 2018

Combining State and Non-State Partnerships for Effective Place Leadership

Final event of the RSA Leadership and Urban and Regional Development Research Network (click here to read the final report published on the RSA website).

The main aim of the network was to explore the role of the non-profit and voluntary sector in the development and implementation of an effective place- leadership. The organizers encouraged and invited research papers, short position papers, commentaries on hot topics/events (e.g. Brexit), and research designs, but are not limited to contributions that address:

  • How do we defining the role of civic society and civic institutions as community anchors?
  • Leadership and development in transition and post-transition contexts
  • How does place leadership contribute to development in the developing global south?
  • How does leadership fill the spaces that emerge as new policy tiers are created by political decisions, referenda,
    new political alliances, and independence movements?

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Tuesday 23rd October 2018

12.45Introduction and OverviewDane Anderton & Oto Potluka
13.00Voluntary Sector Engagement: Academia, Policy and Practice.
Panel and Discussion
James Rees (Chair)////
14.30Role of formal and informal non-profit leadership in rural development Oto PotlukaAbstractSlides
15.30The Nature and Role of Civic-Community Leaders within and for City leadership. An Anglo-Italian ComparisonMichela PaganiAbstractSlides
16.00Engaging citizens in Nottingham, Stuttgart and Shanghai – a comparative perspective on the role of citizens’ surveys in urban governanceJenni Cauvain,
Lei Xie,
Hannah Keding,
Reiner Grundmann
16.30Developing and maintaining trust in rural place leadership: the Case of partnerships for better place attachment in two post-Soviet countries, Latvia and EstoniaJoanna Storie & Mark KulvikAbstract//
17.00Network drinks and evening meal

Wednesday 24th October 2018

9.30Holistic space leadership beyond sectoral and professional borders – the case of Aviation Valley in the Polish Podkarpackie RegionLech Suwula
Grzegorz Micek

10.00Establishing Leadership in a “Busy” Governance Structure
Martin QuinnAbstractSlides
10.30Partnerships in Environmental Regeneration in North West England 1980 – 2010: a Practitioner PerspectivePhil Barton
John Handley
Peter Wilmers
11.15Leadership of governments and citizens initiatives, enabling energy transition in the NetherlandsLG Horlings
N Van Aalderen
11.45The impact of international collaboration on place leadership in new town development in ChinaHaiyan LuAbstractSlides
13.45Universities as Sustainable Place Leaders in Emerging CountriesDane Anderton & Malini Nair
14.15City and Regional Development Leadership beyond BREXIT: A Relational PerspectiveJohn Gibney,
Joyce Liddle,
John Shutt
15.00The Compasss of Collaboration: a model to guide the leadership of sub-national spacesKate BroadhurstAbstractSlides
15.30Entrepreneurs: place attachment and participation in local leadershipGrete KindelAbstract//
16.00Network Discussion and debrief

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