Robin Hambleton

Emeritus Professor of City Leadership
University of the West of England, Bristol (UK)

Robin is researching and writing in three main areas at present:

1) Leading the inclusive city (taking forward ideas set out in his recent book)

2) The Bristol Civic Leadership Project (co-investigator: Dr David Sweeting, University of Bristol)  and

3) Exploring ways of improving international city-to-city exchange relating to progressive place-based leadership, including working with the Global Parliament of Mayors

More information at his university profile.


Latest posts

  • Can place-based leaders deliver progressive policies? 12 November 2018 Posted in: Blog - Across the world, progressive city leaders are working to strengthen the power of place. Given the rise of backward-looking populism in many countries, it becomes more important than ever to develop a better understanding of those place-based, leadership efforts that strive to advance progressive values relating to economic, social and environmental justice in modern society. 
  • The Bristol Civic Leadership Project 7 March 2018 Posted in: Project -