A new “place” for place-based leadership studies

Why do we need a website on and for place-based leadership?


The study of and interest in place-based leadership has considerably grown since the publication of the Policy Studies’ Special Issue on “Leadership and Place”, in which the editors underline the need of a new and fresh approach for the development of the research on the ‘leadership of places’ (Collinge, Gibney, & Mabey, 2010). In fact, several scholars from all around the world are now studying and exploring place-based leadership, from various perspectives and using diverse approaches and methods. However, despite its flourishing literature, place-based leadership remains a somehow new and unknown topic, of which several aspects still need to be investigated, analysed and understood. A clear example of the complexity of this topic is the fact that a definition of place-based leadership has not been formulated yet.

Also, an important gap still exists among the academic, the practitioners and the citizens’ contexts, that seem to be part of three different and separated worlds and dimensions, even if they are strongly related.


The idea of this website comes from here. On the one hand, this website aims to collect all possible and useful information and data about place-based leadership studies, to foster the share of ideas and opinions and the collaboration among those who are working and researching on it. On the other hand, it aims to make these information and data accessible and understandable to all people who may be interested in this topic. The main purpose is to foster the discussion of place-based leadership and close (at least a little bit) the gap among who is researching the topic, who is exercising this form of leadership (perhaps without even knowing it) and who is simply living or noticing it.


The road is long, and this project is only at its beginnings. I hope it will help, inspire or even just let you know something new or different. I’ll work to make and keep it worthwhile and interesting.

Thanks to everyone who will decide to contribute and support this project.




Collinge, C., Gibney, J., & Mabey, C. (Eds.). (2010). Leadership and place [Special Issue]. Policy Studies31(4). https://doi.org/10.1080/01442871003723242


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